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UV2018 Call for Papers


CALL FOR PAPERS | Deadline for paper submission: July 15th, 2018

The International Conference on Universal Village, now in its 4th year, is established as the premier venue in exemplifying a desired future society that pursues human-nature harmony through the wise use of technologies. Universal Village concept signifies that we should follow the law of universe, protect environment/eco-system, understand humans' need in depth, and innovate new lifestyles, thus providing sustainable happiness for humanity’s future. UV2018, to be held on October 23-24th, 2018 in Boston, USA, will provide leading edge, scholarly sessions for researchers, engineers, and students alike to share their state-of-the-art research and development work in the broad areas in developing Universal Village. The conference will feature a diverse mixture of interactive sessions: core technical sessions of high quality cutting-edge research articles; inspiring keynote speeches; insightful panel discussions from domain experts; and posters representing emerging ideas. UV2018 expected to call for collective effort across multi-disciplinary fields in order to develop collaboration platform,  and to find a systematic, coordinated, long-term solution for future. The theme for UV2018 is “Diversity, Mobility and Connectivity for Emergence of Harmony in Universal Village.”


  • Last day for paper submission: June 1st, 2018 August 1st, 2018
  • Notification of paper acceptance starts on: July 1st, 2018 August 15th, 2018
  • More details can be found on the Important Dates page.


  • Authors can submit SHORT PAPERS (within 4 pages) or REGULAR PAPERS (5-6 pages) in  IEEE format.
  • The best papers will receive UV2018 Best Paper Award and get published at the journal Frontiers of Computer Science.
  • Online submission will be opened at the end of March.
  • Papers that have been accepted and presented will be included into the conference proceedings. Authors of accepted papers (or at least one of the authors) are expected to register in full and present their work at UV2018.

For additional information, contact UV2018 Program Committee at [email protected]


Diversity, Mobility and Connectivity for Emergence of Harmony in Universal Village


1. Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning

  • Intelligent  transportation, intelligent vehicles and its infrastructure

  • Traffic control & management, human-centered  transportation

  • Urban planning, human mobility, distribution services, information circulation

2. Healthcare and Well-being

  • Pervasive & non-invasive health-monitoring

  • Personalized  healthcare & Intelligent nursery

  • Senior care and assistive technology for mobility-challenged residents

  • Public health:  changing  trends  and emerging new technologies

3. Intelligent  Communities & New Life Styles Enabled by Big Data & AI

  • Information & Communication Technology to improve quality of life

-   Social media, education  and communication

-   Security,  safety, reliability and privacy protection

-   Seamless wireless network, mobile computing, cloud storage

  • Intelligent  monitoring   & sensing. Robotics  for dynamic applications.

  • Integrated energy management & Treatment  for zero-emission

  • Response  to emergency  and global climate change

4. Data Management

  • Big data: data storage, vitalization, visualization,  integration  and mining

  • Deep learning

  • Human-centered  computing & Planning  & decision systems.

5. Green Energy and Materials 

  • Emergent 3D printing and its applications

  • Energy-saving, greener manufacturing for electric vehicles and building constructions

  • Frontier of Artificial intelligence(A.I.) for advanced nanoscale materials development

  • Emergent materials for advanced electronic and photonic devices and novel sensors

  • Smart materials for ecological systems and health care

  • Renewable energy production, capture, storage, and transmission

-     Solar energy: photovoltaics, solar thermos

-     Wind energy: emergent wind turbine materials and novel design, simulations of tornado energy and its applications

-     Hydrogen: solar splitting water, fuel cells

-     Biomass, natural gas, and hydroelectric energy

-     Emergent battery materials and technologies for safer and higher energy density batteries

-      Energy storages and grids

6. Blue Energy and Materials( invited keynote speakers and posters)

  • Emergent technologies and devices for ocean wave energy capturing and storage

  • Emergently Anti-corrosion materials for blue energy devices

  • Challenges in Ocean Energy Storage Grids and Transmission

  • Blue Batteries based on the uses of ocean water

  • Modeling of the applications of hurricane

  • Theoretical simulations of ocean wave energy and its applications

7. Ecological and Environmental Systems

  • Innovative agriculture, Green roof

  • Ecological  economy and strategy

  • Integrated solutions & new life styles to eliminate waste & pollution

  • Environmental protection and trash management

  • Effective microorganism technology

8. Special Sessions

9. UV Forums

  • UV City Forum

  • UV Student Forum

  • UV Industry & Entrepreneurship Forum

10. UV Poster Session & UV Exhibition

Organizations / Companies / Startups Welcome